NYC Train Sign


About Our Product

How much is this thing?
We’re leasing NYC Train Signs for $29 per month to businesses in NYC. We also sell directly to consumers for $599.

Why the lease system?
Ultimately, we want to know our community better. In most situations when you buy a product, the financial transaction is the end of the relationship. With the leasing system, we can develop a relationship over time with local businesses. This works out in your favor because these things aren’t cheap to make, but we still want tons of people to have our dope signs. 

How is it made?
Each sign is handmade with love at our offices in Bushwick. If you’re interested in the technology we use, see below…

Tech Stuff

What kind of technology are you using?
We use Raspberry Pi, an LED matrix, and a locally 3D printed base. Using our own API, we host official MTA data to select the train times you want to see. Our tech game is so fire that Raspberry Pi actually wrote a blog about it.

So, in theory, I could build one of these things myself?
YES! Absolutely. In fact, we encourage that. Our endgame is to donate these as kits to Brooklyn schools so we can train the next generation of hackers.

Is all this stuff made in China?
The techy bits are made in China. The base of each sign is 3D printed by our friends, 3D Brooklyn. And then we assemble them right here in our Brooklyn office. 

Isn’t there “an app” for that?
Yep, sure is. There are tons of apps that tell train times. We’re rolling deep in that game as well. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming app!

About NYC Train Sign

Where did this idea come from?
Our Founder Timothy Woo made the first sign in 2016 in his Bushwick apartment. 

Who else is behind NYC Train Sign?
We’re all a bunch of bros (yes, even the ladies) who are passionate about our work and love to celebrate over cheap beers. 

Are you hiring?
We’re always looking for cool people to join us. But this ain’t your regular gig, and frankly, we can’t offer anything fancy. (Yet.) However, we love giving chances to people that might not be perfect on paper, but are like minded and have the potential to grow. Email if you're interested in joining us.