NYC Train Sign

About Us

NYC Train Sign is a tech startup in Brooklyn, New York. Locally created in Bushwick, our signs connect to MTA data to provide local train times and delays– without having to be in the subway.
But it’s about much more than that.



NYC Train Sign is about Bushwick.

The first NYC Train Sign was handmade by our Founder, Timothy Woo, on Himrod Street. The original wood frame was made in a shop on Dekalb and the shirts were printed below Tim's apartment. The frames are printed with our Bushwick bros, 3D Brooklyn. Our first customers were here. Our office and our homes are here. When you buy a train sign, you’re not only supporting the NYC Train Sign. You’re supporting Bushwick and Brooklyn.


We employ local vendors and community members.

Whenever possible, we create an opportunity for local artists, designers, engineers, and people who maybe don’t look so great on paper, but have a lot of grit. We’re constantly seeking people who love the community and want to see it flourish as much as we do.


We want to educate the next generation of hackers.

Our endgame is to get NYC Train Signs into the hands of students in area schools. By exposing kids to programming and computer systems at a young age, we want to help build the next generation of designers and technology disruptors. 


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