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You'll onboard and customize your train sign with the NYC Train Sign mobile app:

App features include:


App FAQ:

How Many Slides Can You Have?

The slides that are included for each unit are one train platform, one custom text slide, a weather slide, and a logo slide.
My Sign Is Malfunctioning
First, check to see if the power cord is connected. Next, If you look at the back of the case, there is a physical reset button which will reset your train sign to the default settings ready to be paired again through the app. If this solution still does not work please reach out via email or give us a call.
How To Display Your Sign
Each unit can stand on it’s own or be hung on the wall. Even the Mini and OG 3D Printed versions! The wooden versions can be hung on a wall like a picture frame. The Mini and OG 3D Printed versions have attachable wall mounts included that make them easier to hang on the wall.
How It Works
All you need to get #legitrealtime is working WiFi and a power outlet. On the mobile app you select your train platform/s, configure your local weather (Dark Sky/Zip Code), and input your custom text and/or logo.
Change Subway Station
You can change your station anytime through this app! Just go to the Modules tab, and then select 'Subway'

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